Thomas C. Dolan, PhD, FACHE, FASAE

Executive Coach and Consultant

Practice Limited to Healthcare and Association Executives

My Approach

A successful coaching relationship is a three-way partnership between the client, sponsoring organization and coach built on honesty and trust. Client confidentiality is paramount and information provided to the sponsoring organization is agreed to in advance. As a member of the International Coach Federation, I strictly abide by the ICF Code of Ethics (PDF).

As a graduate of the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program, I employ its methodology (PPT) within a five-step framework:

  1. The first step is to create a partnership between the client, the sponsoring organization and myself. If all parties agree that an open and honest relationship can be developed, the next step is initiated.
  2. This includes a coaching “kick-off” meeting where initial goals will be established and what feedback data will be collected. This data typically includes existing and new assessments (e.g., emotional intelligence, MBTI, 360 degree, etc.) and superior, peer and subordinate interviewing by the coach.
  3. The third step consists of reviewing this data collection with the client, refining his or her goals and creating a development plan.
  4. The fourth step consists of periodic coaching meetings (typically every two weeks) for seven to twelve months.
  5. The final step is to measure the effectiveness of the coaching engagement. This is done by looking at both tangible and intangible results. Paramount in this evaluation are the views of the client and the sponsoring organization.